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Northern Alaska Tour Company pioneered Arctic Circle touring on Alaska's Dalton Highway. Today we take pride in being the operator of choice for those traveling in Alaska's Arctic. Our one day and multi-day excursions, available both during summer and winter, allow the traveler to experience this region in a comprehensive yet economical way.

We invite you to join us as we explore the wonders of Alaska's Arctic!

For information on how to make a reservation, click on the link to our planning page

We operate adventures year round - Midnight Sun Season from April 22 - August 20 and Aurora Season from August 21 - April 21.

To help you find the right adventure we have broken the highlights down to: Arctic Circle, Arctic Ocean, Aurora, Undiscovered Arctic and Denali.  Some adventures stand alone and others cross over into one or more of these highlights. Let us know what you are hoping to experience and we will match you with the best adventure for your travels to Alaska's Arctic.


NOTE - The earlier you reach us in your planning stage the better we can accommodate your first date/tour of choice.  Close in we are closing tours that do not have any reservations --- which makes adding a  last minute reservation hard to accommodate. We want to be here for you and operate a tour; however, we can't string our guides and coworkers along that we have work for them without any reservations. 

At this time we are making reservations without payment (we are taking payment method to hold the reservation; however, we are not charging your credit card until 7 days out (exception Polar Bear Expedition)).  This allows you the comfort and freedom to make the reservation now to map out and plan your itinerary and allows us to plan and be ready to share Alaska's Arctic and Denali with you.  If you have any questions feel free to call us: 907-474-8600.

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