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Important Tour Information


Northern Alaska Tour Company guides are highly-trained Alaskans who are able to share their unique understanding of Alaska with you based on their own personal experience. We are confident that you will find the level of service provided by your guide to be as high or higher than you have ever before experienced. 


Guests are asked to call 1-2 days prior to departure.  Since travel in Alaska's Arctic can be unpredictable so can departure times.  Calling one to two days before departure will allow guests to verify departure time and make sure guests are on track for the up and coming events.  Generally check-in times are 1 hour prior for flight departures.  Ground tour departures check-in roughly 30 minutes before departure time. 

DEPARTURE TERMINAL - All of the Northern Alaska Tour Company's Arctic Circle and Arctic Ocean Adventures depart from: 3820 University Avenue.  This is in the small plane area of the Fairbanks International Airport.

What to Wear


Dress for comfort, not to impress. Wear comfortable walking-type shoes that can get a bit soiled in the event of rain. Dress in layers, and bring a medium-weight jacket (even for summer adventures).


Layers.  Layers are the key to comfort year round.  While large parkas and snow suits aren't necessary, they do help.  Whether or not you are lacking in heavy snow gear, layers can make winter comfortable.  Start with long/thermal underwear, (this is the most important layer.)  On top of that you will want an assortment of undershirts, T-shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweaters fleece vests and / or jackets, and a wind-proof shell.  For the bottom-half try to have shorts, sweat pants, and finish with wind-proof pants.  Sock liners and wool or wool blend socks plus the warmest boots you can find will keep your toes warm, (footwear is the weak point for most guests.)  It is important to remember that the only wind proof layer you want is the outer one.  Keep the inside layers breathable and shy away from cotton, since cotton holds moisture and drys slowly.  Also try to use layers that go from snug to loose.  To finish-off your winter wear bring a hat(s), scarf and mittens.  Keep in mind the warmest most expensive gloves in the world are not as warm as a decent set of mittens.  These steps can keep guests comfortable down to -20F or colder depending on the components used. 

Luggage Restrictions

If you will be joining us on one of our itineraries which include flying in smaller aircraft it is important to be aware of certain luggage restrictions that apply.  All luggage you bring with you will be weighed as part of the check in process. This includes overnight bags, purses, camera bags, and day packs.  Guideline to follow is only bring what you need for the time you will be travelling with us.  We are able to store large, heavy, or excess luggage free of charge while you are travelling with us.

One-Day Adventures: Guests are limited to 5 - 10 pounds per person. Luggage over 5 pounds may need to be stored in Fairbanks.

Overnight Adventures: Guests are lmited to 15-20 pounds per person. Luggage over 20 pounds may need to be stored in Fairbanks.

Guest Safety

Guest Safety is our foremost priority. Guides are licensed to operate commercial vehicles. Tour vehicles are CB radio and satellite phone equipped. 

Tour Vehicles

Northern Alaska Tour Company strives to provide a personalized travel experience. Day tours are done in small groups utilizing a 25-passenger tour coach. For smaller groups and our Arctic Ocean Adventures a 10-passenger van is used. Flights: the flight portion of the tour is typically conducted in 9-passenger aircraft. For tours requiring a flight each guest will need to provide their individual weight (this can be provided in pounds, stones, or kilos). The weight is required for proper balance of aircraft used for the flight portion of the tour. 

Seat Rotation

Guest seating is rotated throughout the day. Thus, each guest is provided with a variety of different viewing perspectives and the opportunity to interact with others on the tour. 


In the event the tour vehicle is not equipped with a restroom, frequent rest stops are made along the tour route. The longest time period between stops is approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours. It is important for guests to know the restrooms along the Dalton Highway are outhouses. 


The inside of the tour vehicles are maintained as a smoke-free environment. There are numerous opportunities to smoke outside the tour vehicle along the tour route. Overnight accommodations used along the Dalton Highway are smoke free.


Please note: Guest safety always takes precedence over guest convenience. On rare occasions, weather or other uncontrollable circumstances may require alterations/cancellation of a portion or all of the scheduled tour itinerary. 

Arctic Ocean Shuttle

A valid picture identification, preferably a driver's license or passport, is required for the Arctic Ocean Shuttle. At the time of reservation, a driver's license number or passport number is required for each guest on an Arctic Ocean Adventure. For children 16 and younger we can use their birth date as their security information.  Guests do need to bring the same identification with them on the tour so when checked by the security personnel it is the same given in the reservation.


In the spirit of the remote wilderness, the overnight accommodations along the Dalton Highway consist of very basic rooms that are extremely austere by urban standards. There are NOT private bathrooms in the rooms. There are private toilet and shower stalls in separate men's and women's facilities that are shared among guests. Public telephones are available. At Coldfoot, guests stay at Coldfoot Camp and in Deadhorse guests stay at Deadhorse Camp.  


Weather Delays and/or Cancellations

PRIOR to your tour with Northern Alaska Tour Company -- We highly recommend you arrive in Fairbanks the night prior to joining us on a tour.  This will allow some time in case you have any weather or other delays that could cause you to miss your tour experience with US.  Unfortunately, the tour will leave without you and the cancellation policy for the tour you are on will be in affect.

AFTER your tour with Northern Alaska Tour Company -- we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do not plan to leave Fairbanks the day you return from a tour with us.  This is due to potential weather delays or cancellations when travelling in Alaska's Arctic.  We will always choose the safest route for our guests and coworkers to travel - which on some tours on some days may mean returning by ground and not air making the return much later into Fairbanks which could cause a guest from missing a flight home.  OR, if ground is not an option may mean guests will need to overnight in the remote location and not return to Fairbanks until the next day, or when safe to do so.  Please call and talk to one of our reservation agents on specific details on the adventure you are looking at.

Travel Insurance

The cancellation policies for the excursions operated by Northern Alaska Tour Company are generous by industry standards.  Deposits for most adventures are either refundable up until 7 days prior to the tour departure or 2 days prior to the tour departure. (please see Cancellations above).

However, due to the strict nature of airline travel, the cancellation policy for the Barrow and Nome Adventures is much more strict.  For this reason, we have found many of our guests are more comfortable in making a Nome or Barrow reservation if they purchase some type of travel insurance/protection.

Northern Alaska Tour Company can arrange travel Insurance for this portion of your Alaskan itinerary or for you full itinerary with Travel Guard International.  Travel Guard International and its affiliate companies provide integrated travel insurance, assistance and emergency travel services for millions of travelers and thousands of companies throughout the world.  For more information on Travel Guard International and their various travel policies call us at 800-474-1986, 907-474-8600 or use this link to Travel Guard International to learn more.


Cell Phone Coverage / Internet

There is no cell phone coverage along the Dalton Highway. At this time there is limited service in Deadhorse at the northern end of the Dalton Highway.  Satellite Internet is available for purchase at both Deadhorse Camp and Coldfoot Camp.   

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