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Wild and Free Dog Sled Adventures



This is an optional add-on to our Manley Hot Springs Village Overnight Adventure. Guests choosing this option MUST BOOK THE Manley Hot Springs Village Overnight Adventure as it is the only way to get to the Wild and Free homestead.

Guest will be brought to the Wild and Free homestead by their Northern Alaska Tour Company guide, spend several hours with the handlers and dogs at Wild and Free, and be picked up and brought to Manley Hot Springs later in the evening.*

Wild and Free is located near Eureka, Alaska, an abandoned village that got its inception around 1899 when gold was discovered in Eureka Creek. The area was steadily mined until around 1940, after which periodic, low volume activity occurred up until recent times. Several well-know dog mushers have lived and mushed in Eureka since the 1980s, including Susan Butcher, Dave Monson, and the "King of the Iditarod", Rick Swenson.

Following in these rather large footsteps, Brent Sass bought the old 1970s Salter Homestead in 2012 and turned it into a home base for Wild and Free Mushing. Sass has been mushing professionally since 2011 and won the Yukon Quest in 2015.



Your Wild and Free dog Mushing experience will last approximately two hours and features a visit to the Wild and Free dog yard, a dog-powered ride along the beautiful wilderness trails around the homestead, and a chance to relax and chat about dog mushing in Alaska, gold mining in Eureka and the homesteading life in remote Alaska.

Since these tours are offered during the summer months, the dog-mushing is done using a wheeled sled called a side-by-side rather than a runner sled.

*Please note that if you choose to participate in this experience there will be of necessity less free time in Manley Hot Springs.




Available Sun, Tues, and Thurs: May 28, 2019 – Sept 4, 2018
Arrive in Eureka approximately 4:00 pm; leave for Manley Hot Springs approximately 6:30 pm. Arrive in Manley Hot Springs approx. 7:15 pm.

Tour Program for Manley Hot Springs Village Overnight with Wild and Free Add-on

For more about Brent and his team please visit the Wild and Free website

2019 Rate: +$125.00 / person

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