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One-day and overnight adventures reaching the shore of the Arctic Ocean

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The Arctic Ocean is the smallest, shallowest, and coldest of the earth’s five oceans. It sits like a cap on the top of the globe and is rarely visited by anyone not working or living along its shores.

We have adventures that can take you there in a day to dip your toes in the icy waters (if you so desire) or multi-day excursions where the journey itself is as meaningful as the destination. Traversing the Brooks Mountain Range and Arctic Coastal Plain is sure to give you a deeper understanding of and appreciation for this rugged yet beautiful region of the world.

Arctic Ocean Adventure

A three day guided round trip journey by air and land to Alaska's Arctic Coast

  • Arctic Circle
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Χ Aurora
  • Χ Denali
  • Χ Polar Bear
  • Χ Undiscovered Arctic
  • Yukon River

Utqiaġvik Adventure - Overnight Tour

An overnight journey by air to the farthest north Inupiat Eskimo village.

  • Arctic Circle
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Χ Aurora
  • Χ Denali
  • Χ Polar Bear
  • Undiscovered Arctic
  • Χ Yukon River

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Arctic Circle

Arctic Ocean



Undiscovered Arctic

Polar Bear

Yukon River